We customize your home,

you live your future.

Smart Home Technology: Invisibly integrated, noticeably efficient.    

We customize your home,

you live your future.

Smart Home Technology: Invisibly integrated, noticeably efficient.

Invisible integration into residential and commercial spaces.

Our smart home systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing residential or commercial spaces. The technology operates in the background without disrupting the ambiance or compromising aesthetics. The goal is for you to enjoy the benefits without being aware of the technology itself.

Comfort and efficiency without manual intervention.

Through the automation of routines and the intelligent control of devices, our solutions enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your spaces. From temperature regulation to lighting control, everything is automated based on your personal preferences and behavioral patterns, eliminating the need for constant manual adjustments.

Daily tangible benefits through advanced technology.

With state-of-the-art technology and reliable service, we ensure that you can experience the benefits of our smart home systems every day. Whether it's energy savings, increased security, or simply improved quality of life, our systems provide you with practical, efficient, and effortless solutions daily.


Mansions smartly automated​

Your vision, our mission! 

Let yourself be convinced by our concept.


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Not just technology, but understanding,
for solutions that fit.

We are your experts for tailored IT solutions and secure networks.

Not just technology, but understanding, for solutions that fit.

We are your experts for tailored IT solutions and secure networks.

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Safely connected, reliably protected.

We are experienced IT experts specializing in innovative smart home solutions and tailored IT solutions with stable IP networks. Our services include professional consulting, development of comprehensive security concepts to protect against cybercrime, implementation, and long-term support. Trust in our expertise and discretion to enjoy a secure and intelligently connected home from your perspective.

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Determining security requirements and vulnerabilities.


Implementing strong encryption and authentication methods.


Continuous monitoring for security breaches.


Regular updating of security measures.


 Optimize your work environment too.

Simplify. Intigrade. Expand.

 Optimize your work environment too.

More efficient with Google Workspace.

Shape your digital work environment: As leading specialists for Google Workspace and experienced IT consultants, we support you with forward-thinking cloud solutions, structured operational processes, and comprehensive startup consulting. Utilize our expertise to optimize your IT infrastructure and take your business to the next level. Together, we explore innovative paths so you can work more efficiently and grow faster.

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 Downtime thanks to Google's modern architecture.


 Customer growth in the last 24 months.


Terabyte brought into a Cloud